God of war sig~!

Yay, CC pl0x.

Now HE scares me! :worried:

Nonetheless, he is an attractive warrior fellow… Ahem Enough of that.

[li]Render is impeccable.
[/li][li]I like the way you used the render to make background.
[/li][li]Motion Blur on text looks great.
[/li][li]Not too bright, not too dark.
Almost…As Good!
[li]Although it is used a whole lot, if you made the standard 3 pixel stroke border, instead of a regular one stroke pixel border with a 2 pixel overlay border inside… Erm, that doesn’t make sense. It’s great!

Overall, an 8.75/10.

Really awesome, Crunk!

Good things:
[li]Good job using the render to make the background. It is easier to make it match that way and it just looks awesome.
[/li][li]The font is really good. Motion blur worked great in this instance.
[/li][li]The border looks very well too.

I can’t find anything wrong with it, really :smiley:

Overall: 9/10


Good Things
[ul][li]The colors are really really good.[]Font is perfect.[]Awsome render[/ul]
So, 9/10. :smiley:

Whoa! Nice work!

Good things:
[li]Love the text effect, it goes perfectly with the sig
[/li][li]Once again, I love the background as well, it goes perfectly with everything!
[/li][li]Overall sig looks awesome, all the effects look really good with eachother

Bad things:

[li]Needs a matching avvy! :smiley:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Yay, I feel so special.

W-O-W! Thats amazing! how do you get that backround?

With a series of filters…and grunge brushes.