Gods of RS

(this was most likly a topic some time ago), but its a new year and there are differant answers to all questions. :wink:

Who is your favorite God of RuneScape?

My favorite god is Zamorak. I just think he is cool im not evil or anything.

my favorite and i voted for, is guthix, i just have alwayse seemed to like him although he doesn’t really seem like a f2p god at all ya know? i didn’t really hear about him till i was a member :?


my favourite god isnt a well known one coz mines the ultimate evil god zarcos (he’s been trapped by guthix)

and theres more than 3 gods

yes but those are the three main gods and im not too familliar with the others :wink:

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I like Guthix but I think that Saradomin armor looks cool.

there were 5 main gods the 3 evil gods (in order of most evilest- least evilest)

zarcos - the ultimate evil god
zamorak - the middle evilest
zaros - least evilest

sarodomin - good god
guthix neutral god

u dont hear about zaros coz he was killed by zamorak and zarcos isnt widely known because he’s been imprisoned by guthix in a magic world with pretty flowers and nice stuuf (coz zarcos was 2 powerful 2 kill and hates evrything cute and fluffy)
and the only reason zamorak is still alive/not imprisoned is coz he agreed to stay in the wilderness

theres also the 2 major demigods

iban - zamoraks son
amrydall - god of mortality

theres also about 10 other demigods who are either under zamoraks control or are to goodytoshoes to do anything

go me i’m smart :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

purepriest0, that was a good summary :slight_smile:
You can learn a lot about these gods by reading the letters or pay attention to some of the quests… (whatever :P)

My favorite probably is … don’t know yet… Someone help me decide for I’m about to do those quests where you must side with a god. Let it be good.
I like green - Guthix.
Zamorak is strong.
Saradomin is good.

:frowning: Tough time deciding.

I voted Saradomin, because his armor is the coolest-looking.

I love the dictionary type info purepriest0

dunt you people just have faith and not vote because of armor coolness?


purepriest how did u find out about all of these other gods :?: :?: :?: i only thought there was three :? :? :? :? :?

you gotta read the gods letters and pay attention to some of the members quests…my fav god is guthix

zammy owns! sara and guthix blow!

guthix all the way :), i like him becuse were alike in some ways lol (sounds cheesy, but true) my favorite god saying is…

we pass no judgment :slight_smile: or we have no judgment.

Are there any new votes today? hmm??? perhaps more guthix fallowers?


I don’t know any god :oops:

my fav god is zamorak becuase of the armour…

great… back to “cuz i like the armor” :?


i also like hes mage attack but the gods dont really do anything