Going "Down South"

I’m leaving to go Down South to Northcliffe (Ironic eh?) today. I’ll be back in a few days.
Cya’ll later.
sickmate 8)

Dunno where that is… I’ve only been on the coast from Brisbane to Mackay.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Heh, going south but end up north. Well, see you when you get back. Have fun!

Nah this is in Western Australia.
Just past Bunbury I think.
Oh well, time to go.
sickmate 8)

Oi, Oi, Oi!

Have fun!

wicked I just wish I could be in Australia to see the animals and imbrace the culture :slight_smile:

Come to Melbourne. Best city in Aussie Land.

It is so Arc. :frowning: Go down to Denmark its nic eand quiet there.

Bye :c

Have fun down south :smiley:

Yeah Denmark is great. A little expensive though ;).

Cya later, Sickmate.