Going to have some fun soon.

As you guys probably know I quit RS a while ago. I still have my account with all this stuff in it. I was wondering if any of you guys want to come kinda act noobish. I’m combat 75 and so basically what we’re gonna do is noob stuff. For example, wear the noobiest costumes ever, stand in front of the bank and go, Where’s the bank??? Go to the middle of lumbridge and yell, 10k to whoever takes me to lumby!!! Try to trade Full Rune for a shrimp, and so on. If people post I’ll post time and world. This will be non-members. I’ll take screens and stuff.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

This wouldnt be that fun on my level 50 main… Can I come with my noob account?

(Username Titanheart1)


Dude this would be almost orgasmically funny. I want to be there so much now. I will just bring my banker in full bronze.

Sure, we’ll do this in 15 - 30 minutes.

ill come in full zammy and say wh0 1s z@m0r@ck???

15-30 min? Wow, thats too little time. Right now im training range, sry.

I dont think full Zamorak is that nooby…

By the way, the text below the pink signature is highly unnecessary.

Oh, I was gonna make it right now but I’ll wait.

as i said FACK JOO!

hmm…are you really going to trade full rune for shrimp?
ha because if so I might have to be the one to trade you the shrimp = )

Have fun getting banned beegee…

Okay, we’ll do this two times. World 63 now, meet in Barb village behind the big tavern house. And my sn is Demon X99. Be there or be square. :slight_smile:

Anyways, world, place?

Ok, i’m coming. Add me - Titanheart2.

Read my post. :slight_smile:

I’ll add you - I’m on me way wearing full bronze and holding 160K!

add me or pee =)

Okay, I’m buying a sword, I’ll be right there.

can i say selling zammy helm and legs 1gp also we need to do this: lure them in to draynor mansion forest. the trees will own them!
ooo changed rs opening music (wild)

We’re there! Come now! If you want, of course…

Beegee you coming? Titan and me are having tons of fun. :slight_smile: