going to rs classic

hey i am making a str pure (sortof i want def to be 10 for black armour) so any suggestions for a cool pkin name?

thugmafia or eh mafiathug :stuck_out_tongue: gangsstaterror or something :\

any other suggestions?


My new charector is God of Str69 , if you play rs classic frequently add me and we can hook up

Add Arch magus5 and Icefire 5 and Arch bank5.

Pm me back, I sent you some info.


a name…hmmmm i got it …theshortbushomie

He already has a name…

Add me Blood_lustpk its my rsc pker. Its still in the works tho like level 10 lol neway ill get it up pretty soon. Ill become a str freak once i get 30 def and 40 atk.