Gold Disk Finally Introduces Himself!

"Guess I should finally take some time and make one of these!

I first joined here back in 2006 (wow, almost 10 years ago!) while looking for a community for Runescape. I’ll be the first to admit I was quite a noob back then. Eventually, I migrated from the RS forums to the off-topic section as I slowly quit RS.

My first few years here were pretty crazy, and I was definitely not a model member. After a project I was promoting for GR to add (GamersNews) fell through, I took a hiatus from the community and returned a few years later with a lot more maturity. When proposing GN several years ago, I actually had no clue on how to create or setup a website. Fast forward to last year and my dream finally came true, although the site I created has been less successful than I had hoped, especially since I’ve have limited time to keep it going.

I will graduate from college with a bachelors degree in education this year and I currently work as a supervisor at a local amusement park which is an awesome job that I really have fun doing.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!"

Not planning to get a master’s?

“[QUOTE=”“Killakot, post: 1568382, member: 8167"”]Not planning to get a master’s?[/QUOTE]
No I am as I’m required to get one to achieve permanent certification in my state. I’m thinking about getting it in Educational Administration."

“Ah okay, because you talked about graduating I was thinking you would quit there ^^
Are you looking to teach eventually? :)”

Yea, I would like to teach for awhile but my ultimate goal is to go into administration as either a principal or vice-principal.

“So much responsibility then, not my cup of tea ^^
But good luck! :)”