Gold(gilded armor) spotted!!!

I have found the gilded armor look!

Does anyone know how much they are worth? I heard they are worth about 4 mil 8O

i got no idea but im guessing its worth alot because its like made of gold and stuff id say 5mil or somthing nice and high

That stuff wil really draw some attention. It like pops out at.
Glad ya had the idea to take a screen when you saw it.

Thats neat, Imagine full pink! LOL

lol full pink armor that would really stick out like the pink robes.

is that armor p2p?

is that real…may sound stupid but…i never heard about it or seen it

Whaaaaat?!?!?!?! Thats cool. I would give really many money to get it.

Lol i wouldn’t mind dat…

I didn’t know it was real until a few days ago when i saw someone with a full gold shield.

Hmmm never seen that before

does anyone know how much it costs or what the stats are for it?

How do they get that stuff?

4 mil lol, at the moment it goes for 24 mil + for full

I mean seriously who would buy even the most noticable armor for 24mil!?!?I mean you could spend that buying blue phat or drag chain!

ltos and lots of people…

man how do you get that armor???

wow so thats how it looks like… is that armor one of the new items from the new treasure trails?? and it should weigh a ton if sum1 is wearing it

Good God almighty…That…Is pretty sick. I’m wondering why no one in that shot with the guy was bowing before his feet and begging him like mad.