gold gilded armor!

woow i just saw gold gilded armor!!! its awesome rate it 0/10

srry for the wrong sjit here is the pic:D[/img]

Umm… I dont think its working. Unless it’s my comp. But I’ve seen it and its awesome!!! :smiley:

For people who don’t like to go to other image hosts to look at a picture:

Awsome pic.:slight_smile:

WOW!!! THat is awesome. But i supose its like 40 mil

how u get

that is cool!

erm, so? i used to have full gilded, its only 11.2 mill, but you do see it rarley, and for low lvl peeps (no offence) this is a exciting thing.

gilded is kool, but it is not quite as expensive anymore, so it is not that hard to get

yea thats true, it has gone down in price, it used to be like 30m odd when it was first released, but now its onlt 11-12 mill, and rarley sometimes you can sell for 16M.

(p.s, hey calenel)

u get them from lvl 3 clues

gilded is ok but dragon is supposedly the BEST there is. only the shield cost like 4mil

haha zak, the shield is 8.2 mill not 4 mill and its the best protecting armour in the game, the dragon chain is 27-30 mill and the dragon med is 2.1 mill.