--gold guide--

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is this safe or what sorry beegee but have to be sure

mods check link pl0x

well i click it with out thinking and i brought up adobe reader and some website so i would click it again

Its safe. I’m pretty sure the mining section is from rune.tip.

lol they offer macros

i dont think you are suppose to advertise on forums…

ummm that is copyright and your sharing it for free. thats illegal you could get in major trouble for this!!!

it wont open, lol. It opnes in word as a whole pile of random symblos.

it worked for me

you have to download adobe pdf reader since its in pdf format, also that guide is the most worthless piece of crap I have ever read

Yeah, it is, its also copyrighted. It also advocates the use of macros. I think a mod shoul lock this and ban Beegee. Major rs rules being broken.

yea their was a thread about this earlier where i was tlking bout copywrite laws

locked, and link deleted