goldeneye 64

Goldeneye 64 is a game I like to play along with runescape send me some replys 8)

Wha? Do you mean “like to play”? Anyways, I couldn’t agree more. That is a sweet game and way to go old school dude.

i bet i could beat both of you. :twisted:

Goldeneye 64 rocks!!! (so does the movie!) I wish there was a multiplayer version on the net hey then we could have competitions.[/quote]

I loved that game!

Goldeneye has to have set the stage for every shooter game since, and still people play it. Personally I think it was the best out of all the Bond games that came after it. God I miss it. :cry:

golden eye is the best first person shooter ever made and will be hard to top i bet i can beat all of u in it

Goldeneye was made by the best game makers, rareware. They made goldeneye, perfect dark(my favourite), Banjo kazooie and donkey kong!
Have any of you played perfect dark aswell? Its by the makers of goldeneye and in my opinion slightly better :slight_smile: .