gonna sell 2k of iron ore to a guy...

This guy say hell give me 300k for 2 k of iron ore , im up around 1.2 k.
He says its not for him, its for some lvl 120 guy. Apperently he doesnt remember the guys name…
My question is, will i get a better deal the 300 k for only 2 k of iron ore? I think its a good deal, but it seems like he is gonna make a prophit by selling the 2k again. What is he gonna sell it for, because I do love money :smiley:

i put this thread in here cuz i thought one of you might want to buy the iron.

no ur getting a real good deal 150 for each ore

im sure this person has misunderstood something, cos iron are from 50-90. Perhaps he wanted coal?

and maybe richyg is just making the story up becasue he wants people to offer more…im just saying maybe…

I like it very good point my credit is to u :talktothe

its definatly iron and im not making it up