good anime?

anyone know any good anime download sites, i dont play runescape much anymore so i need something to with my computer time, im currently watcing Bleach… (Currently at ep 40), ive seen all the current naruto eps…

Any good anime out there…??

Gundam Wing. But start on the first episode because you will get lost so easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Bleach and Naruto are awesome, eh?
I’d recommend the following:
-Gravitation (It’s boy/boy relationships though.)
-Peace Maker (Sad, but good, anime.)
-Fruit’s Basket (One of the best, and funniest, animes. At times, you want to cry, at times you want to laugh. Awesome anime. :P)
-Hellsing (It’s religious, and has a very deep concept.)
-Full Metal Alchemist (Lots of episodes. New series out, and a new movie coming soon.)

There are more… Just listed a few. If you have any questions, just PM me, okay?

Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist is the only ones I like :). I suggest you could take a look at them.

Naruto and Love Hina. ^^

watch loads of anime online…and naruto own you k?

Anything directed by Hayao Miyazaki will be good.

samuri x(kenshin), fullmetal alchmest, and inuyasha are where its at.

Naruto :D.!

yeah im a huge naruto fan, and becoming a huge bleach fan…i used to watch full Metal Alchemist, but can never seem to catch it on TV nor can i ever find it online.

22_immortal - ill see if i can find any of those, i heard Hellsing was pretty good

eldarian3 - I checked the link but it said “the page you requested is not available”…thanks anyway

here’s a list of teh good stuff:
outlaw star (for those that like full on action)
hellsing (deep meaning to it, quite religious)
gundam wing (slightly apocolyptic)
VHD - vampire hunter D (just amazing)
trigun (fantastic)