Good Black(g) trade?

I did this trade

I dont care if i got ripped off of my platebody, i just hope i didnt get ripped for the g plate and kite. I dont think I got ripped because on prices guides it costs more and he was trying to trade back.

Yeah i think that should be worth it :slight_smile:


Nice trade.

I think that’s a good trade because i have full black (g) and black (g) platebody is about 90k while black (g) kite is about 50-60k.

omfg his ripped badly!!

ya u get a good deal. guess the guy didnt care or just wanted to get rid of it

Thank guys, Now I got another question. He has been asking me to trade back, and he offered the (g) kite and a rune scimitar for it. Would that be worth it?

yea u got a good deal.

Not too bad (another c&ped message)

Not a very bad trade i suppose

Nice trade

pretty good trade…not a huge difference but a difference nonetheless…nice…