Good bye

my sig says it all

yet again pm me if you think otherwise

dont leave! no one should leave runescape! i dont know you but please dont leave! what happened?!

Glad you will still visit the forums.


I doubt anyone should leave runescape but if he wants to he can I hate seeing people leave runescape though.

its mostly becuz of the selfishness of ppl these days.when i died in the wilderness which really sucks cuz i was just taking a shortcut to the jolly boar to meet my friends.when i was trying to get my stuff back by buying it ppl told me to f*** off!i cant believe ppl :evil: if ppl cant even respect other ppl then why be there.I will return queitly for a couple days each month.I will wander and help others in need at those times.When i return today at 5:00 for a short period of time i will be at world 3 or 10 at lumbridge.

Tekman188 is my name,helping is for your gain

Edit:i will be at world 10,lumbridge, 5:15,on the 7th(today) to return to help for a short while

Tekman… Don’t feel like your the only one who gets bombarded with stuff like that… The other day some random guy came up to me and called me “poor” and a “noob” because I was using a steel axe to chop trees and raise my woodcutting… I just made the axe from an extra bar of steel I had and I just thought I’d use it as an expendible item to raise my woodcutting before I go to Varrock to buy me a rune axe… Heh, the guy just kept going on saying “You are such a poor noob to use a steel axe”… I just calmly said “I don’t find the axe that bad… It gets me logs just fine”… He walked away saying “You are a poor noob” or something… Then afterwards, some other guy calls me a noob, and I’ve never seen him in my RS life… It was pretty weird how all these people call me noobs for really dumb reasons or just no reasons at all… But don’t feel like that you are the only one that has to put up with this crap… I’m sorry that you feel like quiting RS but I’m glad you aren’t gonna sell your account and log onto RS occasionally and it’s good that your willing to help out those in need… Very very honorable… Good luck…

I think it’s hard to see someone leave runescape after playing for many years of hard work, I hope you find another game or hobbie to do.

yes, i’m sry that u r going to leave runescape, and lik Lady_love, i hope that u find something else fun to play or do.

yea lol,srry that ur leavin,but my membership cut off a few days ago so…i practily quit too lol…i got my PS2,my gf,and guys to hang out with.
And plus,im kinda glad i quit,cuz i kept on get calling a comp nerd… 8O and yea plz hang out around the fourms,thats what im doin! i played for abt 3 yrs!lol it wasnt that hard to quit…i just tryed to log in one day and it said the little member thingy on the login area! 8O 8O

Tekman, You havn’t been here for very long but loosing just 1 member is always hard on that member RSR friend, I hope you still stay.

Dude don’t quit we all got disrespected on RS that’s no reason to run away like a little scared ant.

im leaving runescape aswell lol, but im still staying on the forums, ill only go on rs if i have to, to get quests guides/vids and other stuff.

im on these forums more than im on runescape anyway lol.

why r u quittin rs?

well…got scammed for 8M, so im kinda poor, and i stopped playing it latley lol.

o i understand…i quit awhile back when my account got hacled and just started up again about a month before i joined rsr

join the dark side… again… you cant escape its pull!!! :twisted: