Well, although I don’t agree with Iced’s decision to ban me for sticking up for Ferkahhan, I’m not going to flame him. He is a great Administrator, who we should all admire. You would expect me to flame RSR, but, I’m going to admit that Duke runs one hell of an addicting site. This site probably helped me a lot, in life, and I was able to help some other people’s lives too. Have fun around here.

A few people I would like to leave a note to:

Damaster37: Your the most loyal member-friend here on RSR, talk to you on AIM, or iArt.

JolioJoilo: I will talk to you on MSN. You are one hell of guy. I admire you the most here.

Andre: Just met you, but your a cool guy. Keep skating, and hopefully, produce some movies for me to see.

Duke Atreide: You’ve made this site. You should ahve enough gratitude from all your success. :slight_smile:

Malibubrad: Your a rockin’ mate. Seeya around Massachusetts hopefully. You one ill GFX artist.

Archasgame5: No matter what they say, you are the best pker.

Lokevin: Good luck with GFX. Stick around iArt.

Well, this site is too time consuming, and I have a life to live. I have become more intelligent, from all our intellectuals here. I will be around my site, iArt, and will still be working on GFX. I’m going to skateboard more than I used to. (About 30 hours a week. :O) I’ll be working on my band, and practicing some more electric guitar.

You are all great people. Live your life right, or don’t live it at all.


Shame…I’m sure the forums will sufer from your absence sooner or later. Farewell!

sniff see ya Fallon, we all will miss you!
I can’t believe it, everyones quiting, why did Ice have to do that.
You don’t look real guilty, well I guess this is good bye, fairwell Fallon!
I wish there was another way to turn this around somehow!

Sorry for the MSN problem Andre and everyone else. The other computer lost internet connection.

I was once temporarily banned for sticking up for someone, but it goes to show you, that you shouldn’t always do that, because it may seem you flame, even if you don’t realize it. I’m sure you didn’t intentionally do anything wrong.

I respect your leaving, it’s a shame that you’re leaving, though. You were always a great member, your irony made me look over to you for advice. You are truly a great member, and you will be, in the memory of all of us. May all be well in your life, and everything that you look up to.

Fallon, you were banned because you told him to shoot himself. Dispite the fact that you were trying to save Jolio, it has to be done to be fair towards Hardc0re.
I hope you don’t leave, if banning has held a big shock on you, I’m sure if you think it through, you will understand. The staffs are reluctant to ban you, but as well as you some other people were also banned. It’s not just you that we are singling out. I hope you understand. It was because we need to start to actually enforce the rules & be fair to the everyone.

whimpers, tears trickling down his face
This is all my fault… shakes his head

I’m sorry Fallon…

Meh, My laptop always loses conection. I still don’t think you should quit, ask nicely to have your account unblocked. I’m sure they’ll understand.

I was going to PM and noticed I couldn’t. Then I saw you were banned. Naturally I panicked, and looked around. Good thing I saw this. I almost made a big deal about it and would’ve gotten myself in trouble.

Well, I don’t agree with it, but I accept and respect your decision. RSR will be less without you. I’ll miss you, but not as much as normal, because I will stick around iArt.

Good bye for now, and good luck with life. Have fun boarding :wink:

Don’t worry Jolio.

I was going to quit last day of April. Not your fault at all. And if it was, your not giving me more freedom. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s why I admire Iced, for he does not care the circumstances, he will do his job right.

This was a good oppurtunity for me to leave, and I will miss you all dearly.

Fallon, you are a great member, and don’t forget that.
Don’t forget that everyone loved you who you were.
You were a friend to me and everyone, your a very nice person.
But this isn’t fair, I think you were doing the right thing for Jolio.
Also I can’t believ we can’t defend all our friends, we will all miss you.
Don’t forget that we loved you, you were a great member, and you were the nicest person.

Well, thanks for staying around, Fallon. I could tell by your posts, you were indeed respected, and not many people have that to say. {I certainly can’t :’(}
Have a great time away from Rsr, I hope you enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed. =)

Robot, I respect you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Magekill. Skateboarding has gotten me outside a lot more. I recommend it to everyone who can stand a few cuts and bruises.

no!!! o well…cya fallon

Its truthful.

Heh, maybe I should try. I blade more though.

Bye Fallon, I didn’t know you very well, but its sad for anyone to leave rsr.

Ps: How many posts did you have?

Somewhere in the 2.8k class.

Ah… Fallon. Your very respected throughout RSR and helpful so I hope you don’t go :(.

~BnA :wink:

Fallon, I do not know you much at all (or anyone else here that much), But I have never seen such a noble post. I hope that you are doing well I respect you.



Be sure to keep an eye on the story…

I’ll send the updates through AIM or MSN k?

We’ll miss ya here…