Good site need your orders!

Hey guys me and my friend are running a fresh new site click the link :smiley: :
We take a variety of different orders here is the price list of the things we sell

normal = 100gp
Oak = 20gp
Willow = 30gp
Maple =120gp
Yew = 310gp


Iron arrows = 25gp
Steel arrows = 40gp
Mithril arrows = 70gp
Adamantite arrows =130gp

Arrow shafts: = 10gp


Iron =100gp
Steel =250gp
Mithril = 500gp


Guam = 500
Marentill = 500
Tarromin = 1000
Harralander- =1000
Ranarr Weed = 6000
Irit Leaf- = 2000


Potato = 5gp
Onion = 5gp
Cabbage = 25gp
Tomato = 50gp
Sweetcorn = 1k
Strawberry = 2k
Watermelon = 2.5k

Guam = 1k
Marrentill = 1k
Tarromin = 2k
Harralander = 2k
Ranarr = 12k
toadflax = 4k
Irit = 5k
avantoe = 7k
kwuarm = 8k
Snapdragon = 4k
Cadantine = 8.5k
Lantadyme = 8.5k
dwarf weed = 10k

Mushroom Spores = 2k
cactus = 2.5k
Belladonna seeds = 3k
calquat seeds = 50k

note: we only sell seeds when in stock we will tell you if we have or not when you order


tin / copper = 50gp (1k limit)
iron = 80gp (1k limit)
coal = 175gp (2k limit)
mithrill = 300gp (1k limit)
adamantite = 1k (1k limit)


Bronze = 50gp (1k limit)
Iron = 100gp (1k limit)
Steel = 550gp (1k limit)
mithrill = 1k (1k limit)
Adamantite = in a week or so will be available


Full iron = 1k
Full steel = 3k
Full mith = 7k
Now all i ask is you check out the site heres the link again:
please check it out or just post your thoughts here thanks guys :cool:
Oh and orders that are over the limit or posted in this topic will be ignored :talktothe
peace :cool:

mods chcek link pliz

i cjecked for spyware and viruses, its clean to my knoledge

who wud buy norm logs 100 each?

I will buy 1k magic logs for 1m, add me when you have them, my runescape name is T N Tom.

ill buy 1k iron ores

ill buy 1k mage logs 1mil pm me on rsr when u got em