good trade? or not?

is this good or not? (rune legs and kite - 120k)

yes good trade legs are 45k kiteis 45k too 50k

sweet so i just made…about 20k off thet

yep 25k actually but rune legs can sell for 50k to the right person

thats y i said “about”

yeah pretty good trade…ive gotten rune legs and pl8 for 115k =D

ty and cool

u made 20-25k profit… not bad

Well done dude!

Ya man that was a good trade

yeh it was a good trade, if he accepted anyway

harilo might i ask where that pic of link swingin sword comes from?

yes you sold legs and kite for 60k ea thats 10k above average

he accepted and i am happy

its a secret
but… if u want u can use it

I guess it’s a good trade, about 20k profit on that, nice.

I once sold rune legs for 70k :D.

yeh it is and cool

Yes, it is a good trade they paid maximum price for both.

Good save about 10-20k I dont know…

harilo hows this for a SECRET!!! go Link!