good trade?

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seems to be

I think your losing out a few thousands from that, but it’s not too bad.

ok i guess

well i didn’t do it. so o well. after that trade he added 2k and red vamps

Is that a rune hachet? If so you got Gyped 10k or more…

i didn’t take offer

what boots were those???

freminik boots

good thing u didnt…that was a bad trade

yea thats what i thought. another guy offered me 45k. (wish i had taken a pic) i didn’t sell thou. i was trying to buy that rune axe for like 4 days

Yup, that wouldn’t have been a smart trade. He has maybe 10k or so there.

good thing u didnt do it, u would have gotten ripped

Its a poor trade. Rune axe is like 20-25k and that stuff barely makes 10k.

dont do it

Are you crazy? If I were you, I would’ve done that. Then you could buy 2 rune hatchets.

its ok, but not entirely that great

rune axe is 20k and that stuff is like 10K max

4 days for a rune axe jus go to varrock near west bank and buy there for 15-18k ea. 45k is great offer

Good that you didn’t do the trade for the stuff. It was a pretty bad trade for you. Did you do it for the 45k? If not, you should have done it for the 45k…