Good website

Here is a good website.

When it comes up click ‘play now’. Its basically the game animal/vegetable/mineral

Thats not very cool…

Its supposed to test your general knowledge

Oh, I thought it was a game haha, Ima go do it, and tell you my score k?

:stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking of the mineral Dolomite and it kept trying to guess that it was pyrite (Fool’s gold), a silver dollar, or iron ore… The list that it came up with after the game was almost correct on somethings but then again, I’m not an expert on Dolomite… I was thinking of water and it first guessed a paper clip but finally on the 27th question it got it right… Wow… Well those are what I tested it on…

the one i picked wasnt in its knowledge base!

You can’t pick a specific person or place… It says you have to pick something that most people would know about… So you can’t think of someone like Britney Spears or something since she’s a specific person but then again, I don’t know why anyone would wanna think of her in this situation…

this is a cool and awesome site

i know gemini, i didnt… i just picked something… erm… adult…if ya know what i mean

Oh… Sorry if you thought that as mean or something… I wasn’t trying to be… I just noticed that you couldn’t pick a person or anything cause I was about to pick a person until I saw that… BTW, hehe… I guess… LOL, it’d be funny if the A.I. guessed it on the first try or something… Heh, then you’d know what type of people made the program…

yes, your type wouldve made it… then we’d be in real trouble! lol jk gemini, you know i love ya like a brother

lol i thought it was game but not

LOL! This is fun! It was very long time guessing a diamond! :lol: