Goodbye and thanks.

I joined Realm in the beggining of my freshman year in high school, and saw that this site would prove to be greatly helpful in my path to becoming a better player. I learned a lot from people I met here, and there’s a great connection with the kind of people you can meet simply by joining a site, but this one has given me a bit more. I’ve seen other sites and found that Realm was above almost all in many areas, Duke Atried and the moderators have done a fantastic job with managing and keeping the integrety of this place. More than anything, I like the fact that I learned a bit more about friendship and knowledge, and for that, I have all of you to thank. Even if you don’t remember me, I’ve probably read one or more of your posts, and at least got a laugh or thought from them. The only reason that I have chosen to leave is that I have noticed that I no longer frequent the site like I used to, and almost feel as though I have in the past let too many people down, which I really do hate to do, no matter who it be with. But again, thanks to everyone. I wish everyone here the best in gaming and life. Runescape Forever.


Tide! No! You may not know me, but your posts are in inspiration to the people of RSR, they are always thoughtful, never flaming or rude. Please don’t leave, but if you are set on it, RSR has lost a very good member…

We shall still talk on AIM, so it’s all good to me.

We all know he’s gonna cry over us :wink:

I remember you from when I was a wee forum newbie on RSR. You were an inspiration to me, you always had humurous and intelligent posts, I’m sad to see you going and I wish you, too, good luck in the future…

I’m kind of new so i don’t know you as well as the others… but anyway have good lucks… may the new members take your place and do the good jobs you’ve done… ( I’m not saying that you should go, just like if you went… lets have some good people do the good job like what you’ve done…)

I’m new to RSR too. I remember you from a while ago and your posts were thoughtful. Good luck with the future tideofwrath.

wow…im friggin touched…and i thought i was old…

“all good things must come to an end”

hope YOU the best in life…and gaming…u r still playing right?

khudahafiz m8

Ahh, I remember you…because I signed up a month before you!

Anyway…that’s very touching.

Good luck in life…to you too.

dude, you won’t no me, but i have read your posts, i mean, your like the mini geminiman, your words are that of inspriration.
but if you feel you must move on then let know-one get in your path, and remember the good times you had here, just remember one thing, RSR will proberly always be welcome to see you back once in a while!
you may leave at your own wish, but please don’t leave thinking you have let anyone down, because that is wrong, and anyone who may tell you that are wrong themselves, you have let down know-one, not even yourself, because if you feel you must move on then so be it, you are doing the right thing, as you are not letting anyone stand in the way of your decision.
you are repected, and shall forever be remembered, but if only you could have got 1000’th post, but don’t let me stop you, i bet you’ll find something else that you like just as much as you liked RSR, so on behalf of everyone on RSR GOODBYE!!!tideofwrath. and we should be the ones thanking you for putting so much time into RSR!

:wave: :wave: :wave:


Well goodbye Tide, have fun. and sry to hear ur leaving…buh-bye! Cries…

unlike pure king hu’s a ***cin n0b head

(tryin to flame him before i get banned)

NOO… Why?!.. Oh well… I wish you a happy future outside of RSR myself… May the sun shine brightly on your travels outside of RSR… You will be missed greatly son of RuneScape Realm… (I hope I’m not sued for using that line…) But yeah, I’ll miss you… Good luck in the future and thanks for the words… Don’t feel like a stranger if you wanna pop up in the future… We’ll always be here to greet you with open arms, either be it a short 10 sec visit or being back permanently… We’ll be here… Good-bye friend and fellow RSR member…

Edit: Also, my apologies for making this so dang late…

Tide! Come back!!!

That’s gonne bring him back alright :stuck_out_tongue:

lol dont know if u know me but i know u good luck in life sorry to hear that you are leaving