goodbye rs. hello real world!

You want to know something that is stupid??? I spent alot of time on the comp. heck my brother is mad at me for hogging the comp (which i dont understand we got two comps. why cant he use the other one even if its dial up and this one isnt??) but i spent so much time on rs and finally got my combat level to 59 and raised my cooking and all of that. only to get my reward of being HACKED now i cant even get on it… And i am not going through being called a noob again. trust me… before i got hacked i had the pleasure in killing a person who had called me a noob. welp. no more rs for me. oh well… i like being on rsr than rs any ways… rs was getting alittle boring anyways…

Your title implies you have never experienced the real world. At least you’re taking JaGeX’s advice and I’m glad to hear it.

lol. i didn’t realize that the title implied that…

So many people take RuneScape and make it their life. They become adicted to the game… I can even say that I have been that way too. And that is not to say that that can be an entirely BAD thing, it is just that when people diregard the things that are important in like, like sleeping, taking a shower, and brushing their teeth… well you get the picture… RuneScape is just a game… NOTHING more… Have fun with it but don’t let it destroy your life… Get good grades, stay in school…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

HEY. i never said i was addicted i could and can get off whenever i wanted to. And i do all of those things and for your info i am a Straight A Student. besides if i got one B on a report card. it was bye bye comp. for 1 month… oh and no allowance for 1 month.(i think i will go and get a job. so that my parents can’t controll how much money i recieve a week. i mean $15 a week just aint cutting it anymore i have been pushing for $20 for a while but sadly they always say you should be glad you get that much.) And during the school year i spent about 2 hours doing homework. I take that as an insult. i was only stating that i was on alot untill i acheived my goal.

Well, I certainly didn’t mean to insinuate that you followed that lifestyle, but the thing is… people tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the world by playing this game. It certainly isn’t the best way to hide from your fears or dodge upcomming school assignments or whatnot. The fact of the matter is: you can’t fit twenty-five hours of activity into a twenty-four hour day; people have to make a concious decision asto when and for how long they do anything, whether it is RS or RSR… I think that it is good that you choose to do other things… RuneScape isn’t the only thing in the world that is fun and entertaining… Go outside. Breathe in some fresh air… I don’t know… Just let life pass you buy…

RuneScape isn’t a way of life; it is just a game… I am glad that you realized that Source19.

-=~ J.T. ~=-

so source does that mean ur quitting RSR too?

“RuneScape isn’t a way of life; it is just a game… I am glad that you realized that Source19.”

-=~ J.T. ~=-
(the reason i didnt quote the whole thing is because this is starting to make me mad)
did i ever say that runescape was the only thing in life??? no… i could care less about it if i had more pressing matters on my mind. like when an old man that i knew and respected passed away. do you think that i just thought about runescape?? NO i forgot about the silly game. (no offense to those who are truly addicted to the game)
and i never had to realize anything about runescape. sure i get to where i want to play the game all day. but that is in the beggining. it wears off. i hardly ever went on rs before i got hacked. and i would appreciate it jtg920 if you would quit saying things like that. even if you don’t mean to direct those things at me. even though i dont understand how you could say you didnt mean to insinuate me into that. after you made that last remark. (which is quoted at the top of this post). the origional post was just to tell everyone that being hacked does suck.
every thing i said just came out of that little sentence. that doesnt include the rest of that post… whoever said i hide from my fears??? AND I NEVER HAVE DODGED A SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT OR EVENT.

no i am not quitting rsr. i think this site is awsome.
(sorry if i am double posting. this post just has nothing to do with the other post i posted.)

i notice who may hack every1 it may be that dude who made that guide to hep plp to stop playin rs…maybe…


dam unlucky bout the hacking. f2p is boring, members is much more fun tho.
sickmate 8)

When I went to F2P, I found it to be a bit more fun then P2P lol. I never really had the same pking experience then the one I had the first day I pked on F2P(actually pking, not noob lvl 12 pking.) I remember on members servers when I’d pk, I just kept avoiding highere lvl people…I just thought that was the way it was. Then when I switched to f2p, I found that people feared me! That first day of pking on the free server was like so awesome!
Now to post on the topic, Hackers SUCK!

lol. you had me worried their… but you got to the topic anyway. even if we did learn something way way off topic!