Google Earth

Has anyone tried out Google Earth? I find it amazing, I can zoom up to any location, such as LA or NY, and see close enough to make out cars. It’s fun looking through the lens of a satellite :wink:

Here’s a screeny (of the White House :o):

dat “google earth” looks pretty nice

what is it? like a download, or just a site…

download :smiley: i think

It’s a download. It didn’t take long for me to download, only about 4 seconds. It does require a broadband internet connection however.

It was in the papers over here last month. I downloaded it and it didn’t work, but I might give it a second try.

Ya I’ve tried it pretty cool. Although from the thumnail u posted, I think there is a terrorist plot happening…can I join? Lol.

It’s 11.1 MB, how could it take you 4 seconds to download?..

took me 4seconds too. I have high speed internet.

Irelands White House - Áras an Uachtaráin

It’s pretty good, already been to Paris, Washington, Iraq, London, and Berlin.

Tonight at the camera club, we’re getting a talk from the Royal Navy Photographic Unit with high resolution satellite photos. We’re talking like little dogs in the park being visible here =P.

:optimist: ~Op

No plot lol, just happened to be one of the pics i had already saved. And ya, it took 4 seconds to download because my cable internet speed is 3.5 mbps.

lol i got google earth pro best one
its about 1400 bucks :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m getting Google Earth Plus. My Dad has Google Earth Pro at his office, so it’s available for use, but it’s not needed for the type of browsing most people do.

14.00? or 1400.00

1400 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why is ur graphics so good on it and mine are like bad as hell!

It took me about that long…

Where are you looking? The resolution changes depending on if you are looking at a big city or some rural area. IE NY is high res, but Spring Hill, TN is low res.

And Google Earth Pro is $400, not $1,400…

Pretty Cool, It took me 36 secs…lol