Google Fight

I don’t get it? What did you beat them in?

Looks like he searched Google for his name and then searched for other people’s names and compared how many results he got. I bet searching for my name wouldn’t get you even 1,000 results.

I do hope this doesn’t start off a craze like those stupid quizzes did. Perhaps you should sticky this and everyone can post their own in this topic.

2410 results for XGod-chaserX

I > Archas

…almost =(

aww my gawsh! my name only got friggen 18… :mad:

that games rigged i tell ya!

O-only 14?

I’m so un-loved!

Only 4,450,000 for Zidane!! Wow i’m so flattered!

197,000 results for me! I feel so… so… important! :smiley:

GoogleFight is just how many search results you get, it’s the same thing.
By the way,

Hehe, guess who I own! :smiley:

Dun duh duh daaaa!


Those with famous names such as neko or zidane are cheaters and thus dont count =p

No, you’ve all got the wrong idea only 450,000 results were for the Frenchy, The other 4,000,000 were all for me! So thus, it does count.

lol zidane, you lose =p

Therefore, me and Zidane are famous! :smiley:

or… you and zidane are masquerauding as false people, therefore you and zidane are not famous, yet those you made your names similiar to are

lol, me got 89 :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, yet Zidane still has 4,500,000 :smiley:

USA owns pl0x