Gospel of Judas

I’m just doing this to get reactions, and because it’s a constroversial recent event. I’m not overly interested.

Years ago, a transcript was discovered in Egypt that appeared to be the “Gospel of Judas”. It went from the hands of a villager to two international antiques traders, who had to keep it secret to dodge Egyptian laws and avoid theft. They showed it to a few religious archeologists, who found it of interest. The price they demanded was too high, however, and they retained it until recently, when it fell into the archeologists hands at last.

The transcript appears to be authentic, and describes the so-called Gospel of Judas. the document claims that Jesus spoke secretly to Judas, telling him to betray Jesus so that Jesus’ soul would be freed from his of-the-earth body.

The document appears to have references to gnostic beliefs and mysticism, particularly the belief that there is one supreme God, but that the God who created our earth is subordinate to the supreme God. At one point, the document refers to Jesus chastizing the deciples for their belief in “their” God, referring to the chaotic God who created the earth, possibly implying that there is a subordinate God.

I am neutral on this issue. However, I would like to hear your guys’ views on this.

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Gnosticism is just feeling the spark of God inside you, which I think is kinda the point.
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The gospel of judas is not a christian gospel. It is only the temptation of secretness that causes people to believe it is. For example, Mormonism comes from a SECRET set of tabloids that only one person can translate, Islam comes from a SECRET conversation muhammed had in a came, but Christianity does not have much secrets. It is -dependent- on history, (it still has teachings like buddhism is dependent on, secrets like islam and mormonism are dependent on, but christianity is actually DEPENDENT on history) so just because a secret is revealed does not mean it is christian.

Also, the gospel of judas NEVER even described that there were any witnesses to what happened. There is no way to tell it true or false. It is only secretness that keeps people believing it.

Also, The gospel of judas was like 5 generations after what really happened.

If Judas betrayed Jesus, why would Jesus say that God had forsaken him?

Gnostic texts are not ordinary to us.

Saw a discovery channel thing on it… It was written in like 600’s AD as a copy of Judas’ gospel… The original document is believed to be from around 130-150 AD… I’m sorry to tell you but AD means after death… and considering Judas committed suicide because of his incomprehensible guilt and sorrow the night of Jesus’ betrayal… It makes it mighty difficult for him to have written it 130 years after the fact…

If Jesus told Judas to do that, Judas wouldn’t have felt guilty, and he wouldn’t have hung himself.

Ded, Jesus was born in 0 A.D. at the time, which was actually 3 A.D. He didn’t die until A.D. 30’s

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I don’t think it is true, because from what I am gathering, it contradicts what is already written in the Bible. Plus, how could Judas have written it when he was dead? It’s not possible. And, as stated before, if Judas would have planned it with Jesus, why would he feel guilty and hang himself as it says in all of the other gospels that hold record to this event?

It just does not seem plausible in my opinion.

It’s debatable but let’s not go there… The point which i made is still valid

the gospel of judas NEVER even described that there were any witnesses to what happened. There is no way to tell it true or false. It is only secretness that keeps people believing it.

Plausable, off course it is!.. Why did he feel guilty, probably because he may have had morals, and after he betrayed “jesus” guilt was overwhelming hense he killed himself.

(That’s if the “son of god” was real!) Could be every chance “jesus” was a psychiatric patient, and needed locking up for his own health! :slight_smile:

I don’t care if he was told to do it, I’d still feel guilty about something like that. Imagine if you had to betray your best friend, even though he asked you to. I’d feel terrible.

Exactly :slight_smile:

Jesus said Judas would be the greatest disciple in the gospel of Judas…Wouldnt Jesus be equal to all his disciples if the Gospel is right?