Got a Clue Scroll/Rune Medium - Banshee/Lesser Demon

I got a Clue Scroll when I was fighting the Banshees.

Also, just now, my brother; Roobydoo19, just got a Rune Medium Helmet from a Lesser Demon.

Please say what you think, we got both of these items today. I don’t know if I have put this board in the right section, so if you are a moderator and it is in the wrong section, please move it. Thanks.

ummmm. congratz ?? :smiley:

Congrats, I hope you can get some better ones though.

hmm not bad i suppose nd r u new…

eh not bad, even though i got 3 rune meds from 20 minutes of slaying werewolves and a level 3 clue scroll from 50 minutes of slaying elves.

but good job! :smiley:

gratz on the loot…:smiley:

uhhh congradulations…

gratz! My main got banned so… In 2 weeks ill be traingin on lessers again!

Thanks, I never get anything good, so I thoght that this woulkd be good to post as it is one of my best things I have ever got from a monster drop.

Also after my brother got his Rune Medium Helmet, he got another one right after it! Two in a row isn’t bad now, is it?