Got a good treasure trail!!!

Here are the four items I got.


meh…its ok, not that good. Id rate it a 4/10

lol id rate it a 2/10

Sorry but thats not very good, a good treasure would be some God Armour

Sorry but, thats not very good… Considering peeps get like rune and dragon stuff from their clue scrolls.

Its ok,guys it may be good to him lol when i got a trial like that i thought i could have alot of money for it but i only got like 50k for it…

Sorry but thats not really good… 4/10

you don’t get dragon from treasure trails ever, i dont no who told u that but its not true

Well, it was my first treasure that I actually got something trimmed… :?

1/10 my lvl 3 account can buy that lol but still u got something outa it

Not very good 3/10. It was your first trugh

not that great…3/10…at least u got a black (t) helm