Got my look! Go SPU!!!

go spu!

Go SPU!. By the way, I like the look. So shiny and where did u get the gold shield?

Thats right maria were taking over, U’ll wish u never mocked small PEOPLE!
throws floppy disk at maria

p00n’t…and neo that super super shiny gold shield is well shiny…and gilded I bought it 1.075 Around there

1.075? Is that one thousand and seventy-five ot one and seventy-five thousanths?

1075k. Thats what I meant…

You mean it’s 1,075,000gp? Oh and by the way what is it really called?

It is Guilded Armour.

What he said…
P.s check the sig :smiley:

Ok. Well, it looks like I won’t be able to afford it for a while.


Nice job.

nice look dude gilded kite looks awesome with blk (g)!

Thanks I’m satisfied with it…I’m wc right now to 60-65 im almsot 52…i sold a muddy key for 55k earlier too lmao


Wow, thats a nice outfit… Are you going to get full guilded?

Kinda good, looks a bit wierd with just a glided kite :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it’s gilded.

it would look a lot better with a gilded helm…

I sold everything…Prices drop too much.I made some more cash bought a glory and had like 70k left. Sold the guilded and black g.I made about 35k on the gilded kite and 30k on the black (g) So I made money actually.Merchanting right now. I got like 1372k or something…

Congrats man, I rate the look a B.

What exactly is SPU?