Gotta get rid of some Sigs...

Hmm, i noticed how much space on my HD my sig collection is taking up (i have 200+ renders and 50+ sigs on it) i need to get rid of afew sigs.

Tell me which one you want, and what text you want on it:

They’re all in one document to save me uploading tme :tongue:

The second down to the right. Dama V2.0 GFX Realm for the text.

Okey dokey… give me a second… (the MGS one right?)

EDIT: here it is:

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Yep. Thanks.

Top left one plz.

Text2-GFX Realm

Okely Dokely… ill edit this post with it.

(BTW, what is GFX Realm? it seems popular…)

The graphics part of GamerzRealm. (I think…)

Oooh, right i see…

here it is:

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will you sell a sig twice (you can if its wearing rights, which is what your giving out)
if so, 2nd on right plz, with navy on the top text

Err, but why though? It’s Damaster370’s sig now, if he agrees to it then you can.

well thats what im asking full rights means he can claim it as his own, re sell it, and gets the psd. so it looks like this is wearing rights, which means its still yours

You ate all that and a bag of potato chips?

Can you speak in english, i didnt get a word of that.

I just messaged swordsmann6 to see if he would consider letting me use the top left signature, but I haven’t gotten a response yet. If he doesn’t allow me to, can I get the middle left?

sorry i speak english but only type french (not really)
wearing rights means you can put it in your sig. wearing rights comes in .png format
full rights means that you own the sig, so you can re-sell it and claim it as your own. full rights comes with the sig in .psd format with the layers labled

Err- Ok…

lol its ok i dont really care

middle left please!
text: Duke Rune

Do you want the text on one line? Or one word on both?


Thats what you want it like ^^ ?

EDIT: here it is:

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