Gotta see

HEY! I found out Jagex’s Password recovery e-mail adress!
CAN HACK PEOPLE WITH THAT! I used to make people pay for this hack, but since im quitting runescape, ill tell it to everyone to ruin runescape, ok here is the hack,

  1. The E-mail adress is

  2. Make the subject rscpswrdrcvry

  3. write what im about to tell you in the actuall email part word for

#%@#/?“Your username”?#@%#

#%@#/?“Your Victims Username”?#@%#

#%@#/?“Your password”?#@%#

And thats it! Jagex will send you the victims password within the day!

NOTE: Since Im quitting runescape and all, if you want to test this on

my account,

the name is Blade5510, test that out to see if it will sed you the password.
p.s. It has 15 days of members left on it

i swear its the truth

lock it delete i dont want bad ideas
“la la la la la la la la la la”
shut up shut up
lock this delete it i dont want any1 gettin bad ideas

lol, stupid scam. I saw it on another site. damn scammer!

its no scam

yes but it is illegal
against the rules and everthing else

Someone, for stoops sake, lock this post!!

LOL! If you called the cops or someone they would just laugh at you beacause he probably doesnt know the first thing about hacking.

ya it may not be illegal in some ways but if u hacked a member thats credit card fraud and thats not cool
and its illegal in my world and runescape so

Well… Maybe they could put him in jail for being so stupid. If he even wanted to make the scam look real, he should have put like 324a987f89b908 in front of the insert YOUR pass here. What a n00b

Well, I must admit. This is the first time I’ve seen this scam.

Quite clearly Jagex confirm all the time that they will never, EVER send you any e-mails and that all messages will be passed on through your messages account.

All you need to do is set up an account with that has “jagex” in the name and it sounds real.

Then you just dangle some bait in front of unsuspecting peeps saying that “If you give me your username and password”… you’ll give them, well anything at all!

It won’t really matter because you’ll never have to give it to them because you’ve changed their password and stolen their account!

Oh and the real Jagex recovery website is Just go to the Password Support section.

To everyone who couldn’t be bothered reading this: It’s a scam!

well ya see the thing is its not scamng he is not doing it
he is teaching you how to do it
this really isnt a good topic and i personaly want it blown up!!!

Well i guess it is a scam didnt notice that
but still…

note:he said ruin runescape. By trying to figure out someones password your character will be banned. I advise that no one dose this is you value your file

Ok, if this is real, why would Jagex want your username and password. Why not just ask for the victim’s username?

Thanks Stoop111 but this scam will not give you someone elses password (apart from the new character you have to create as you have just lost your old one!)

ur the noobs and plus members have their own recovery

well now im just confuesed
and LOL about that last thing

members have a diffrent recovery e-mail

thethe, scamming = warning and topic locked.

k Sorry but i was telling the truth