Gotta Sucky Kill - But, a kill.

Well, I got a kill, and got 51 mage :eek: :slight_smile:
Heres the kill, Imma start a kill mueseum soon
onlygotta steel mace, but i grew mage lvl while fighting

Yeah… We saw you at Sports’ PK trip, but we ended up leaving because everyone at castle was either a low level/someone who was gonna tele.

Lol yea. Skyler was pissd off that u leaved, but I didnt care, because we all were owning
(We all = xarrowbane, who said when sprtfreak said,“rsr fall in”, he said," I will fight till the death!", skyler, who pked with me the rest of the time, and me :slight_smile:

that was funny, sports pking trip got nutin :slight_smile: :expressio :frown:

We did get the chance to get owned by Gladz.

funny, my pking trip a couple days ago did too

Gratz on level and on kill ?


Yea, I need 60 magE!

Well let’s look at it this way…you got a lvl up and a mace for free lol.

congarzt i never get kills pple tele its annoying

Arrgeth! Yea, skyler and I were facing a mage and meleer both lvl 26, and we were owning, until BANG, teleported
I was pissed…
But I realize, I tele too :smiley: