GR Network Home Page suggestion.

I think that maybe there should be a Network Home Page button on the top of the forum. There are many instances when I want to go back to the home page of GR to see the price guide or something else. And it is quite inconvenient to have to type in the adress bar again when I could just go and click a button.

I don’t understand your request, but you can click the banner and it takes you to the homepage. :slight_smile:

Here are the pictures of them to help you distinguish them better. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Hope this helps.

The RSR main board has a link at the bottom. Something else would be better though yes.

Oh, I never even noticed that button. One at the top would be more convenient, though.

The network homepage is

Nevermind then, I mixed up the too. My mistake.

Yes, its an issue I am well aware with. I am considering making the forums open up in a new window coming from, however some users complain that it can be fairly annoying. What do you think?

If we have that then it will be extremely difficult for me to access RSR…

When I go to, what it says is Tikketyboo and “you would need to provide your own index.php if they don’t have to use the home module, because the index.php included with vbportal, just sends them here.”

Which I don’t understand…

I don’t understand half the stuff being discussed here, but why not stick with the simple? Let’s put a drop down bar in “Network Forums” on the navigation bar. It should be much simpler and it can access all the network forum’s homepage. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, having it pop up in a different window would be quite annoying. It is pretty annoying when you have a lot of windows open at the same time, so that is something I would try to avoid if I were you, Duke.

Phoenix has a good idea. Like on the GR Network homepage (not RSR) have a dropdown bar with links to,,,, etc. and continue it for all of the other sites that merge with GR. Or something else along those lines.

Yeah, I’ve got that too, young lad. Whenever I visit I get “Tiketyboo”. I posted a topic about it, but everyone thought it was a fake :crazy:.

I’ve found a simple solution for this, though. When you visit RSR, just go to Hopefully that will be the URL if Duke changes it.

Good suggestion, Duke… And Monkeyboy :).

What is this Tikkertyboo thing you are talking about?

I don’t have that problem because RSR is in my favorites.

Tiketyboo. All the new OT moderators get it. I’ve made a topic about this, you could just check my topics and find it.

You must have posted it in Staff Forums, because I cannot seem to find it anywhere.