Granite Maul Special??

out of couriosity (cant spell :smiley: ) i wanted to see a screenshot of the granite maul special havent seen it before and i really want to :frowning: rsr should make a request a screenshot subform or is there already one :? anyways can someone take a quick screenie post here so everyone can see the granite maul special :smiley:

where do u get those and how much

their a drop from a slayer monster that i think takes 46 slayer to kill and their worth 1 millon to 1.3 million 8O

Arenโ€™t they worth 1.6 mil to 1.8 mil? Im sorry im going off that guide.

Itโ€™s only dropped by Gargoyles (requires 75 slayer to kill) or by Nechryael (which requires 80 slayer to kill)

oh kk my bad anyways can someone post the screeeenieeee :smiley:

where do you go to increase slayer?

i would suggest a skill guide but since im soooo nice ill post about how to train slayer. kk i would suggest speaking to a guy in burthorpe to start out small tasks you wil see a skull icon and talk to the duder in there and ask for a task he will ask you to kill a certain number of a munster and go off and kill it and you get combat xp andddd thats not all folks but slayer xp! a two for one deal yep yep its coolnessness anyways if u want a bigger challenge go to edgeville dungeon and head to that gate for family crest but dont enter gate and head down and speak to that dude he gives u harder tasks that will raise ur slayer more if u have a lower lvl slayer lvl anyways i would still suggest a skill guide because its more understandable