granite maul

what does you attack and strength have to be to weild a granite maul?

i think its 50…but im not sure…im not a member…i heard it was lv 50…maybe a bit more…

its 50 atk 50 str

50 Attack Level and 50 strength, and it’s pretty cheap considering it hits like 16’s…


Well, Basically I agree with everyone above, It’s 50 Attack and 50 Defence. Positive.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

it is 50 att and 50 str not 50 att and 50 def

you dont need anything. a lvl 3 can weild it. same with whip.
sickmate 8)

LOL HAHA i hope you’re joking

its 50 attack and str for maul and 70 attack and perhaps 70 str for whip

Your a moron…Inorder to wield a g maul, you need 50 attack 50 stregnth and nothing else.

I think we all get the point guys… And gals I don’t know lol, but you need 50 attack and 50 strength. That’s it.

P.S: I’m on so early because I left school early lol


Im only letting sickmate know that he is incorrect, im not spamming after several people have already told Cursed Sight the correct answer.

Oh sorry Foob I got confused for a second lol