Graphic Art Website!

I made this website and any trusted RSR GFX masters can become mods.
I have a link back to so don’t worry mods.
I really hope I put this in the right topic.

Rambunxios Designs

actually this goes in “The Net” I think. Or if you wanted to affilate, affiliation. :slight_smile:

Okay sorry.
Mods please move it to the correct forum. Sorry for the confusion.

i joined…

If I am able to see some of your work, I may bump you up to a moderator…

i posted it but it says an admin nedds to approve it first

Am I good enough ;p

Maybe, we will see…
Oh and for Darth, what do you mean, can you post a picture?

hmm…I would post later :slight_smile:

Okay, let me get this admin mess straightened out first.

hold on let me get a screenie

I signed up :). Have you seen me works? I’ll post a link of em…one sec. BTW, I can help out as Co-Admin if you’d like. I’m pretty good with forums, and I have decent experience.

-Jerk :snorkel:

EDIT: Here they are…

i posted i wanna be a mod plz =] fallon plz

dude, hit the (or click here if u do not wish to wait) button
fallon, go to manage forums and go to the one hes on (say it dood)
and make sure that a mod doesnt need to see posts.
~dRuNk0 :drunk:
EDIT: ok, im not good at making sigs but i good at buddy makin, is that good? lookie:

and lookie agAN!

good huh?

hey fallon cmon can i be one if i joined? actually yea ill join and get back to sig making

Gah! What is the problem with my forums!?

EDIT: All cleared up guys.

I could help if I had Co-Admin access lmao. Fallon, can you get on AIM?

-Jerk :snorkel:

All cleared up people. Enjoy posting. If anymore problems, be sure to pm me. I will be choosing moderators later. Good Night.

Gnite! :).

-Jerk :snorkel: