Great idea!

i have had an idea that would make this ten times better. what if it had an item, person and monster data base? and also if it had treasure trail help. like telling you where the co-ordinates lead to and where the maps or clues want you to go. and answers to riddles and challenges like how many cannons are in lumbridge castle? the nswer is 9. rate my idea please and add your own.

i think its a great idea… but im sure duke will have it… in time…

No offense to those who run this board, but there are other sites with people working probably constantly to make the database. (Don’t mean to advertise), but runehq has a good database and stuff. If this board has such databases, of course I would use it instead… but it doesn’t.

Its a lot of work getting all the necessary information and data. Just as difficult as to make a toolkit (just a compilation of data and processes through a single solely operative program).

i know and they do a good job with this site but runehq is down oten and it would just increase he popularity of the site.

Yeah that would be a good idea to have such a database to help treasure hunters but we shouldn’t give everything out cause then it really wouldn’t be called treasure hunting… More like “Come to RSR to find the exact coordinates of the place and then go to the place on RS to claim your treasure without doing much work”… So, this is a good idea as long as we keep the coordinates and help in moderation… But good job though…

no i think that you would have a choice on what you wanted to view and so it wouldn’t give away other stuff you don’t wanna have help with. (p.s peeps like me are lazy so wanna use help all the time)