Greedy Golbin

I got up from my bed
And i went to get the horses fed
But as I walked to get the feed
I saw a golbin with eyes of greed
He climbed my window into my house
He thinks he’s quiet as a mouse
Of course I went to catch him
It wont be hard for a creature who’s brain is dim
I caught he stealing my Glory Ammy
It was givin to my rich nanny
"NO!NOT MY AMMY!"I cried
I tried to grab him,but he ran outside
I rushed out the door,cursing as I went
I was about to give his puny skull a dent
I saw the ugly thing jump a fence
I leaped over it,it’s a cince
The golbin ran in someone’s garden
He ran past a farmer without a pardon
He jumped into a pond,and behind him I was on his tail
He got out and hid in a hay bail
I started ripping through the hay
And I was gonna make sure he’ll never forget this day
He popped out,with straw on his face
Before he sprinted,I grabbed his waist
Pulling and tugging,he was a fiesty one
But I outsmarted him,for he’s dumb
I got my ammy back,and the golbin,I freed
Never I seen a golbin with this greed.

             The End

Wow, that was kool. 10/10

That’s pretty good, I like it :smiley: 9/10

theenks :smiley:

You took my avatar!!!

i liked that

9/10 I enjoyed it

Pretty darn good

nice… i like it, good job 8.5/10

:o :slight_smile: Guess you showed that golbin! :slight_smile: :o 9/10

its okay, its really shaky at some parts, you had a great start on it, but then it seems like you rushed it. 6.3/10

That sounds really funny… Great Poem… 9/10

thats good :frowning:

WOOT!99 views!

hmmmm… ill give it 7/10

wow, looks like i am out of a job on critizing ppl. lol…joking… i couldn’t have said it better my self… but i give it a 8.5/10 i thought it was humorous…