Just wanted to stop in and say hi to anyone who possibly remembers me. Sadly I highly doubt I will visit these forums much again but i didn’t take an hour to recover my password here for nothing. If anyone remembers me please feel free to add or re add “1hit pker af” and we can catch up. Good to know that these boards are still up and running. Ill try to check back here at least once or twice to see if anyone has any names I can add so we can talk. Other than that just really wanted some nostalgia and to say hi. I play on and off and right now is a bit more of an on but will likely be more of an off soon so try and catch me if you can :wink: keep it real rsr


Hey dude, nice sig haha. Feel free to hit me up, still Pujols050.

Hi mate, hope you’re well.
Pindini :slight_smile:

“Can your pure do this?”

Sorry had, to :smiley:


Broooooo, what’s up? :o

I’m not sure if you remember me but I sure as hell remember you!

Ah an old school pker returns. You and pking your bandos godswords.

hey bud nice to see you back

Haha i remember you. You had so many epic whip pks in the old wildy. And i think youre the only pure ive heard of with 85 slayer

Your thread was coolest when it was pure f2p.