Grim Reaper

I’m making a Grim Reaper costume for my rs character. What hat should my character wear and how much is it?

isnt there an executioner hat or sumthing? ive seen it it covers ur face, and its black,but i dont know how much it costs
sickmate 8)

really? when did they release it.

dont u mean highwayman mask? and its kinda annoyin how u say sickmate after evrithin u say

sickmate 8) haha ill copy u

i dont know but i see alot of peple with it
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Make your skin and eyes dark black, get a highway man’s mask, shade robes, and a scythe

How do you get a scythe?

most suff is easy to get except the syth unless u already have 1.

Ya, because if you dont already have one then your kinda screwed.

and mimes mask would be closes thing to a skull head lol if ud rather have that theen highway mans mask

that just gave me an idea. what if when you died a grim reaper appeared and you would have a small chance of beeing brought back to life.

I don’t have a scyth but im using a rune halbred. Im working towoard a dragon halbred, but how do you make mimes appear, i nvr got 1.

mysterious old men will appear and teleport u to a theatre
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sorry for double posting, but
goto the varrock clothes store get a head makeover, that where u can get a hood, it’l go with the grim reaper style
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thanks every1 for your help, my rs name is Vampirelo609 if u ever want to see what it looks like pm me.