grp ranger banned?

why was he banned?

I dont know,i think he and pureking got in a fight and hedid sumthin.I dunno why.

He was not banned as far as I know.

I’ll check his user notes, brb

He was given a one day ban from Dedmenwalkn.

have u found out yet xgod?

oh i just saw your edit…why?

He was given a one day ban from Dedmenwalkn.

Ya, read the post somewhere near the end of the first page in the off topic section, I’ll edit this post and put up a link

ya that post he made kinda went overboard, but Dedmen was good to give him only 1 day just to kool off

dang, i miss a lot when I don’t post for a copule weeks.

Oooh! Grp-ranger asked me to post about this after he got banned. Sorry for not posting earlier. He and pureking had a conflict over the lyrics to “Feel Good Inc” by the Gorrilaz. They both said the lyrics were different things but Grp-ranger had showed me evidence to support himself. From what I’m guessing, they flamed each other and grp-ranger got banned.

lol banned so imature

Hold your tongue. Both Grp ranger and Pureking are well respected members of runescape realm, in my eyes. Don’t call my friend immature.

dude it does seem imature just to fight about lyrics in a song…

well it was coz i was going sick at pureking coz i was right an he was rong and he was threataning to knock me out when i dont even live in the same town him but it was only one day now im back

WHO IS TIHS GUY :confused:

im a member of rsr if you dont no me theres really no need to post

who dont know grp i mean he is one of the most famous next to wuts his face sickmate!

  1. sickmate

u know dat guy

Lol… A lot of people here on RSR are “famous” I guess hehe… Like me!!! LOL I wish…


at least he’s back…

Am I famous :expressionless: