Guess this NPC

Who’s this?

No clue. Might want to put this in the Member’s Only section.

Im a member and I dont know who it is…

Is it one of those dark mages in the wizard castle thing?

thats that one dude u talk to when u start hazeels cult quest right?

i hv no clue looks like melzar the mad with some staff

he is in a house near varrock i think…but the house is locked

Is that Alomone from the Hazeal Cult quest?

hazeel cultist follower.

its the hazeel cult quest get w/ the times ppls

Can you attack it and is it in a quest or something??

all of the about are true… hes in a cave just south of ardourgne zoo

You are all very near,he’s part from Hazeel quest, but none gave me the exact name of this NPC (sorry icedearth, not Alomone, but close.) . Let’s see who does!

its meeee!!! just kiding

who is it?

ummm no clue but hazeel?? i did that quest a long time ago lol

its alamone

Nope, it isn’t alomone. he does’t have the staff. I’m gonna give a clue: In the beggining of the quest you can choose to join ceril Carnillian or ???.

your mum?

What the…

welll my main character is asianguy58 and the password is exodia the freakin guy that i trust i gave him my account coz i quit he freakin change it i want to share it to evryone but he change it can u help me banned my character?

ha ha i killed you in castle wars hes a noob by the way