Guess where im going December?

Il let you guess for awhile only one mod knows…

Uh, the North Pole? Ferkanhhan’s house? I dunno, why dont you tell me. :wink:

Errr…Mars…North Korea…Switzerland. You’re gonna have to give us some clues.

Disneyland,Canada,Southhampton England, Sheffield England

OMG you guessed it LOL jolio aint suprised…

Really? Awsome.

thats it…

Aye… he’s heading round here after Xmas lol.

Lucky duck. I always wanted to go to England.

IM going to Montana for the new years… its gonna rock, the place is in the mountains.

Are you going to sleep at Jolio’s house? Do you guys know eachother personally? Jolio might be a monster :wink:

Montana? You’re going to get bored…lol. Unless you just happen to see David Letterman.

I get to go to Portland and that Area. Here I come Oregon and Washington!! I might even get to go back to my birthplace.

He is a Monster!!

Omg!!! Run away from Jolio! Lol. Jking. Nice pic though. You really caught his evil side.

the bathroom?

Hey,I want to go to a mods house and peek at their password for rsr j/k…

What evil side?
I’m not evil… just slightly vindictive :slight_smile:

No im pretty sure he aint a monster… BUT I AM!

Bored? OMFG! It’s gonna rock!

Are you serious? You’re going to that dude Jolio’s house?

Wow…I’ll prepare the funeral arrangements.