Guides Suggestion.


As a writer of seven guides and assistant of two more, all of which were written solely for Zybez, I know what making guides from 100% scratch feels like. At first, it can be boring or hard. But when you get into it, it’s actually quite invigorating. However, they require a lot of work and time to be proper.

Not wanting to take that time is no reason to take Zybez’ guides and forge a date.

If/When this is closed, I’ll be laughing. Why, you ask? Because this is a valid suggestion, the way I see it. It also provides insight on a reason why you wouldn’t want to write a guide.

And so you know, deleting our posts about this, particularly the civilized ones, shows poor leadership on your parts. It makes me glad I’m a Zybezian. :slight_smile:

It would be a better idea to just take down the guides and make your own (or put in the ones from the backup site, I’m guessing :P) so as to avoid lawsuit and potential loss of this full site. W13 has money to spare on a lawsuit; I don’t know about your administartor.

Thank you for your time.


Couple of things:
–The guides seem to be down ast the moment. I can guarantee you, I will make sure to check them every day.
–Please leave this post here for a while so that it will be up when you inevitably reopen those guides.


Well, I want to thank you for making this civilized… I can fully understand why you are angry/upset and even though I am in no way concerned with the administration of RuneScape Realm, I do want to apologize for anything and everything that may have caused conflicts with RuneScape Community and Zybez… As much as I want to ensure that this will never happen again in terms of stealing or plagarizing of guides, I cannot guarantee that a guide that is submitted to RSR will be totally original and does not take any information from other guides without proper crediting… Again, I, Geminiman, a member of RuneScape Realm who is not part of the administration, would like to sincerely apologize for the wrongs that have happened… As far as I know, many people from RSR have volunteered to write and enhance the guides that we have currently though some of them do belong to other sites and other sites only… We will try to get this resolved so that there will no longer be a risk of plagarism or any of those sorts… We will also try our best in the future not to get into conflicts with the other RuneScape help sites as the one that happened here probably could have been prevented easily… Again, I want to apologize in behalf of RuneScape Realm’s normal forum users… I would for the administration as well but I do not have that authority… Sorry that I couldn’t make this sound any bit better… As now that we have experience that taking bits and pieces from other sites is not correct, we will try our best to have the guides corrected so they are totally RSR original… Again, I apolgize for this and I hope you will accept this apology from a representative from a House of Lords member on behalf of all of the normal RSR forum users… Thank you for your time…

I’m not very sure about the deal here. I use to use zybez guides in 2003, around june. After that I quit. When I returned yo RS in August 2004 I noticed that Zybez was down. Only a month ago I found out that zybez was opening again. Are you using your old, RSC guides or have you written new ones, because if you did, you have to realise that RSR’s guides were written over 6 months ago. Could you give us a list of guides your claiming RSR copied? I’d like to check them.

Edit- RSR has taken down the guides you’ve claimed we’ve copied so that’s that. Could you take off the post on your site? Your suggesting to people that they come to our sites and post their emotions. I know that most of those emotions would be angry.

I would “encourage” for you to post on their site, but I would discourage if you have 56k. They are slow as hell and very crappy. So beware of extreme amounts of lag. They need to know that we are willing to stand up for what we believe is right. And show them that they are complete liars.
I don’t think that was very nice of you guys, I use to like but the attitude your showing isn’t a good one.

Tell us which and proof of guides being stolen and/or copied?

The screenshots we had linked back to RSC. This problem has been resolved already, the guides have been taken out I’m pretty sure. Now for me to go off topic- Once I went to a forum for a different MMORPG, and a guy was explaining why he played that particular one. He said that the best game he had played was RS but he hated it because of its “corrupted” fan base. I think what he said was true, RS fans are truely corrupted, fighting over runescape guides… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, according to the post in the off-topic the problem has been solved.

heres the post

Cyclops, you wanted to see their proof? its in one of the locked topics in this forum. I cant believe how RSC is being over this, it is obvious that duke was sent the guides…and running his own site im sure he doesnt get time to check if other sites have the same guides…and wouldnt have felt that he needed to after recieving the guides through email.

As I have said, atleast through all of this we can see what kind of person a KING or respected member of RSC really is…i hope that they are not a reflection of the rest of runescapecommunity.

I am going to start a new character and go through these quests again as soon as i can and if i can help by writing one of the guides i will, i encourage all RSR members to adopt the same attitude and to help us get these guides re-written, (not that we should have to, but lets just take the blow and get over it). We can make better guides so lets get them done :slight_smile: