Guild Wars (GR)

dear RSR,
im suggesting that we make a Guild Wars forum along with the future added Blizzard Forum… Guild Wars is a popular game now and i would gladly take care and look over the GW forum.

Thank you all for your time,

Very popular game, should be a great add to this site. Would attract many other players aswell :).

i think so too i could advert it on guild wars :slight_smile:

If you wish to add a new realm to the GR network, you first need to create a site, if Duke decides the site is good enough and you can be trusted to put a lot of effort into it, then it may be made part of the GR network.

By the way, this is for RSR suggestions, this should be in the GR board. Keep it in mind for next time eh.

The good things about having a GW fansite are that Anet support thier fansites and even link to them on their products and things. The fanbase is also alot more mature :wink: Shame Guild Wars Realm is already taken. If anyone wants to try start a Realm of Guildwars, I can help you with graphics and guides.

Isn’t GW blizzard?

No, GW is not Blizzard, their developers are ArenaNet and NCSoft. But ironically, ArenaNet was started from members who left Blizzard.