guild wars

is it a good game i have some spare money and thinking about buying it can someone explan to me more about it

Check this fansite, it has a lot of information about it:

GET World of Warcraft

Guild wars rules thats fun game mostly just killing stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Guild Wars is awesome/

A mesmer…they are the most difficult to make i would say…i have a level 20 monk healer…and a level 10 warrior…just bought it about 5 days ago and it is brilliant…btw where is the Prince of Baltazaar?

Not done yet… Mesmer’s are sinch, just make em distraction…

I have guild wars also, lvl 20 monk lvl 20 warrior and a lvl 16 ranger, i would highly reccomend the game. Graphics and gameplay arent as good as WoW but its easier to play and ALOT cheaper since membership is free and you can buy it off ebay for around 40 bucks vs. 60$ for Wow plus 15 a month or something crazy like that. If you decide to get it type n to get your friends list and add halo_of_light (my lvl 20 monk) and i’ll be happy to help you get started.

i wanna know how get cash easy im going get it soon.Also Does it take long time lvl to lvl 20 is it like runescape lvling to 126

You have to pay for WoW and it’s like $20-30 bucks a month

GW is an awesome game… Once you get ascended, it rules.

Not really, you mostly gain levels as you progress through the story, doing missions, and quests. You can get to level 20 pretty easily. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you can get to level 20 in a week.

Now then, it may be a low level cap, but Guild Wars’ fun lies with its PVP and GVG games. They require very strategic planning, and a quick wit to win constantly.

Well I am in guild wars factions beta testing… its fun :slight_smile:

I want the beta dude…

I dont think ranger’s are that great on that game though i like the PvP the most lol what i spent most my time on i had a 2 20 rangers and a 20 warrior

i got debo’s account =)… i unlocked the worse stuff EVER for my warrior… rebirth sucks… so does hundred blades

Guild wars in an amazing game, i have a lvl 20 warrior/elementalist that i switch to wa/mes if i want to kick ass wit illusionary weaponry =D. But its far better than rs, it doesn’t depend on who has the highest level or armour (but i do want marhan grotto galds >.<) its about tactics.

i like guild wars

i think the new guild wars when its comming outits going to be really cool

Guild Wars Sucks! You do nothing, but frigging fight,quest,& fight more. There isn’t nothing worth doing on it in any frigging way. Though i can tell u something bout it. They will be adding more professions besides the original Mesmer, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Elementalist, & Monk.

and you do what in runescape? =p lol