Guilded Armor

How Do You Get Guilded Armor

Members only, lvl 3 treasure trails.

ty but what is it worth

Stop typing in very large and bold lettters. It is very annoying.

Full gilded armor is worth around 15-20 mil I think.

Does anybody know the stats of gilded armor?

Exact same thing as rune. It technically is called gold rune.

Oh, okay. Wow, that’s expensive stuff!

I might go kill hellhounds soon to get a lvl 3 clue, hope to get somehing good so i can sell it and get enough money for d med…

I haven’t seen anybody in gilded armor before.

That is because you are f2p. If P2p, all you have to do is go to world 2, fally, you will see tons.

Heh, that must be a pretty awesome sight.

Its actually quite lame. Over usage of “rare” items and it gets boring over time. Its worth up to 20M like Iced said, but in a few months, it’ll drop dramatically. It has already dropped 10M from when they first appeared.
Wait until summer, when most people are on vacation or are heartless freaks, :wink: , and play RuneScape all summer long. You’ll see pleny of gilded armors.

they are fairly rare in clue scrolls

Gold armor isn’t as kewl as tinted. If my rune kite gold was tinted it would be worth 200 k more. I love it neway cuz I need a status symbol.