Everyone has their own “clan” in all. but kinda nothing to prove. and members only have team capes (which dont really help) i want RS to actually make REAL guilds and let u be able to make ur own guild capes. that would be so cool to me. help me make this happen! :smiley:

hah. no one has even looked at this

Eh, I guess that would be kind of cool…

Sorry but i dont think Jagex is really cares about clans. Clans are not really part of them game. Though it would be cool if they did that but if they do decide to do that it would be a long time because they have other things to worry about (like the new skills that are coming out)

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actually if you think about it, they do care about clans…why else would they make wildy capes…its not just for fashion…but yeah…that idea is okay but it would get too complicated sometimes…and like goku said…Jagex is more worried about the new upcoming updates…

omg god chaser. c’mon man

yea im just sayin. it would be nice if they did. make a lot of ppl happy

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yeah and ur idea is pretty cool

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