Gun : GameInformer

Gun is a game by one of the best game making producers/developers ever; Neversoft. For those of you that don’t know who Neversoft is, think of the Tony Hawk series. Anyways, just got this game. Awesome storyline, you’re a guy name Colton White, and you and your father get on a ferry, a small accident happens, and all hell breaks lose. Your father manage to push you over the ship, and as the boat blows up, you hear his dying words…
“I am not your father.”

From this point on, you visit numerous different places.
This game is basically a Wild West simulator, and puts you in the place of a man in the West. You get to be both indian, cowboy, wateva’!

One more thing.
The facial detailing is incredible.

Anyone else played?

It’s rated M, if I could I would, looks cool though

Aw forget about that.
It’s rate M for blood and gore, and a few sexual themes.
Nothin’ too bad.

oya it looks really cool, isnt it lke where u run around wit revolvers n stuff lke red dead revlolver?

Mmm, not really.
The game has more of a compelling storyline, although at times, you can do that.

Looks cool,and the cover is also,but I cant play it;no $$$