Guthix Ammor

I think that the coolest ammor in the game is Guthix’s rune ammor! and i also like the split bark ammor. i have a problem though. ill trade zammy ammor for guthix ammor!!! who wants to trade me?

I would suggest selling the zammy for cash, it sells for almost 150% as (3.4 mil ish) and guth sells for about 2.6 mil

cough devin(gungraver) is a loser :wink: hehahahehahehahe

i’ll gladly trade u.


Duckie4life, you’ll be getting a great deal!

Hey gungraver, I’ll trade my full guthix for your zammy. PM me my username is JomJom2.

LOL thats a major loss in cash just to obtain guthix armor which looks kind of bad.

man guys if the guys gunna make a GREAT deal done freakin ayin so he can here gosh people :evil:

so who is getting the trade?


me think’s it is scam. but seriously, who gets the trade?

p.s. not a double post, check the dates/time

Ded I just sold my set of guthix for 3.2 million…

i dont like the guthix armore, i like the zammy and sara

so i should keep the zammy ammor?
how much is it worth i got it in wildy…

Sports, you got terribly lucky then…

i agre with u guthix rules!!!