Guthix kite 1 gp!

K now that you guys are interested the bidding starts at yes 1 gp and please dont bid only 1k more than the previous person if you could at least 10k


ok i bid 50k

100k w00t!

120k i bid.


rsn: zzoonnaass

I’ll give 250K then

I bid 270K then…

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Is this for real? Ah heh. Just for fun then… 290k! =0

i bid 3 mill

galanoth u just killed man and if ur serious about 3 mil ill sell u 2 for 3 mil :stuck_out_tongue:

nolty, plz dont false advertise.
sickmate 8)

Dude ppl do it all the time to get peoples attention.

only on runescape forums. i really hate it, and i know some instances where people have got banned for doing it.
it doesnt belong on RSR.
sickmate 8)

nah i was messing i think a guthix kite is mebers only and im not a member YET

guthix kite is not members. all god armor is f2p and p2p only dragon, barrows, and guilded is members (think i covered it all)

ya u got it all

ok then… back to the original topic…
I’ll Give 300K!