guthix plate

selling guthix plate. post offers(cash only).

400k is that enough for it…

no… add bout 150k and we can talk.

ill take the plate for 550k. my user is bloodygools in rs. Pm me

how much is the plate

home skillet ill buy the plate for 550k

imtheed, if you are willing to go any higher then 550k i’ll sell to you otherwise i’ll sell to bloddygools, and bloodygools i’m not going to wait long on an answer, so i’ll check tomorrow, if he doesnt want to… then i’ll sell it to you.


700k is that enough

hello anyone there


hey home skillet waz up?..srry bout not buying ir pl8 b 4 but o well still friends?

hey rs is the best who made u those sigs the ranger for life and stuff…and who made the master cheif?

ya rs is the best. i’ll sell to you, my rsn is maximus2411.
it’s cool ducktape, dont worry bout it.

rs is the best, are you still interested???

ummm… well, guess i’m going to sell to anyone now since he hasnt replied.

please stop posting multiple times its against the rules

omg so many double and triple posters!!!11!